How to Buy Items from the U.S. for Your Overseas Business


Everyone can agree that it is quite easy to purchase pretty much anything you need on the internet, from virtually any place in the world.  International online sales is a growing market, and one that expands every year.  In addition, many U.S. businesses are targeting their market to expand overseas and to sell internationally.

Selling your products online allows you immediate access to the global market, however there are numerous challenges you face when trying to ship your product overseas.  Some of these problems include shipping costs, taxes, duties and customs clearances.  In addition, businesses must be aware that if goods are sold overseas on C.O.D. (Collect on Delivery) basis, they need to ensure that the goods can be imported into that country legally.

Because of their high quality and low prices, goods from the U.S. are highly sought after, especially those products that can only be bought in the U.S. However, there are people of various countries where American stores do not ship their products.  Therefore, these residents need someone in the U.S. who can purchase the product for them, and ship on their behalf. What is the solution? International mailing services, such as US Global Mail. “We can assist you in buying items from the US, bundling and shipping them on to you and/or in setting up a Warehousing and Fulfillment program that will make the most sense for your business (and money), says Tashi Nibber, Managing Director of US Global Mail.

Some international mailing services offer a program that allows a resident from another country to buy goods in the U.S. via online and use the mail service’s address as the shipping address.  The service will then inspect, repackage and use mail forwarding to ship the product back to the consumer.  Additionally, the mailing service can buy it for the consumer, and then ship to their address overseas.

Electronic and digital items are among the most popular items that happen to be the best value for shoppers in the U.S. So, if you order multiple items from multiple online U.S. locations like Amazon, they will be shipped to the mail service address and be combined into one shipment.  This saves you money on the costs of customs, and includes a way to track your shipment.

The mailing service normally offers a wide range of delivery options from expedited overnight delivery to ground delivery.  They can also provide the support you need from start to finish, and will take care of all of the paperwork, customs, tariffs, and regulations to make your shipping experience less hectic and troublesome.

How to Find Domestic Airport Parking in Phoenix, AZ

PHX Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is the major hub for visitors to the glories of Southwest, including nearby Tempe and Scottsdale. It also serves the approximately 1.5 million residents of the greater Phoenix area and is well equipped to handle the needs of the 120,000 travelers who pass through its terminals each day.

Because it is such a gateway, the Phoenix area also has additional airports with fewer runways and facilities: Phoenix Deer Valley Airport and Phoenix Goodyear Airport are both general-aviation reliever airports for PHX. And Phoenix Mesa-Gateway (formerly Williams Gateway) Airport, located 30 miles south of the city is home to smaller regional carriers such as Alegiant Air. Private jets and training flights often leave from these smaller yet still well equipped regional airports.


Not surprisingly, there are multiple options for domestic airport parking in Phoenix, AZ. Parking details for PHX are thoroughly outlined on their website or you can call their 24-hour parking hotline for information and availability: (602) 273-4545. Among the possibilities for domestic airport parking at PHX:

  • Cellphone Parking (for those who park and wait on arrivals). These free 24-hour lots feature an arrivals information display so you’ll know exactly when your loved one’s plane has reached the gate.
  • Terminal Parking. Ample covered and uncovered parking spaces are available at all PHX terminals (2, 3 and 4) serving domestic US and international flights. They make it a bit easier for you by allowing travelers to reserve a spot and pay online before heading out.
  • Family Friendly and Special Needs Parking. PHX has family friendly parking spaces in the East Economy Parking area and garage, as well as north of the Skytrain station (the fast public transit option to and from the airport and downtown Phoenix). Travelers should look for signs indicating these spaces. Accessible parking is available for those with limited mobility in all garages closest to the elevators. If extra time at the curb is need, airport curb attendants may decide to issue a special needs permit. Just request one.

Parking directly at the airport is not the only choice you have. Three minutes to the south of PHX, Blue Sky Airport Parking will shuttle you to or from your parked car or departure terminal for a low fee. Here too you can reserve your covered or uncovered spot online. Other secure and well-regarded longterm parking options include Sundance Airport Parking (who also offer free shuttles and 24-hour service), and PreFlight Airport Parking.

Should your flight be leaving from Deer Valley, Goodyear or Mesa-Gateway Airports, you’ll find an abundance of options for domestic parking. Contact these airports individually for detailed information or you can use a service such as airportparkingreservations.com for reviews, reservations, congestion alerts and more. And, as always when you travel, you can check out user reviews before making your choice of where to park your car while heading to the airport with Skytrax, an online blog service that posts often-blistering critiques of airport facilities around the world. Or not.

Where To Go for Your Florida Vacation

Florida is a very popular vacation destination, with the peninsula offering at least one beach within about a two hour drive from any point in the state. Some spots in the state offer exciting nightlife, while others offer family friendly retreats. If you are considering Florida for your next vacation, consider taking an Orlando jet charter to one or a few of the following places.

Key West

Key West and the other Florida keys have been called paradise by many, especially Jimmy Buffet. The laid back island way of life may be a refreshing break from the hustle. The year-round warm temperatures of the farthest point of Florida allow swimming and outdoor fun no matter when you go, although the summer months may be a little steamy. The beaches are incredible for snorkeling and swimming, with clear, warm, blue-green waters. Events such as Fantasy Fest may also offer a unique bit of fun.


Orlando is one of the most frequented vacation spots in the world, with many flocking to the city to visit the world famous Walt Disney World. Children from across the globe dream of visiting the theme parks and children and adults alike love seeing where many popular shows and movies are filmed. The city has exquisite resorts, dinner theaters, museums, and other activities to delight visitors.


For those that love nightlife, Miami is the place to go! Known for its rich Latin culture, amazing food, and beautiful beaches, Miami is an energetic city that everyone should visit at least once. While the city is known mainly for its party scene, there are some family friendly resorts and beaches that open up vacation opportunities for travelers that like a slower pace. The city also hosts Art Basel at the beginning of December, drawing artists and art lovers from around the world.

Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is great for sports fans, but also contains some incredible and unique beaches on the Gulf of Mexico and several theme parks to rival the best in Orlando. The serene waters of the Gulf of Mexico are perfect for swimming and wading, the sands soft and light and perfect for relaxing. Busch Gardens offers some of the best roller coasters in Florida, but additionally hosts a large zoo that houses many endangered species. If you are a lover of animals, there is also a big cat rescue and a Giraffe Ranch where you can hand feed the giraffes.

Book your Florida jet charter today and see all that this state has to offer!

Hidden Secrets around Wayna Picchu


Have you ever dreamt of a time machine? Or do you get goose bumps every time you read a vivid description of time machine? Then, my friend, you are a sci-fi fan. So, how would you feel, if we take you somewhere where you will experience the perfect blend of sci-fi, history and adventure. That’s a treat for your nomadic soul right? Well, then here we are discussing a perfect dimension of ancient civilization and scenic beauty.

We are taking about the awe-instilling Wayna Picchu. Have you ever experienced a beautiful view of ancient town cuddling with clouds from the top of a mountain? Want to experience that bird’s eye – view? Then it’s time, you come and visit Wayna Picchu, a mountain in Peru around which Urubamba river bends. It’s located in the Cusco Region and at the foothill of this mountain lays the ancient Inca City, the so-called lost city of Incas, Machu Picchu. Incas had built a trail up the side of this mountain and all their temples and terraces are up on this mountain.

So, it’s a place where serenity blends with divinity and gives birth to a spooky yet beautiful view.

Where there you can see ruins of past and a tall mountain that are cuddling that city, it is a sure, that you bound to feel awestruck and the total ambience itse4lf will make you feel, that it is holding many grave secrets beneath the ground, the air will whisper in your ears, maybe it also trying to convey some secrets about this ancient civilization.

Here we are revealing some of them for you: 

When mystery has a face:

The mysterious faces and symbols can be found at the Wayna Picchu and Machu Picchu in Peru is extremely intriguing. Not only they through some light on Inca civilization and culture but also, make you wonder, you had made this perfect human-like body structures? Incas? Natural process? Or aliens? Everyday thousands of travelers visit Wayna Picchu and Machu Picchu and leave without noticing these hidden wonders, faces and symbols. The Inca civilization was revolved around the concept of dualities and that can be seen in the mysterious faces and symbols.

  • The resemblance of a male face can be seen in the formation of Wayne Picchu. The complete natural formation seems a man is looking to the skies.
  • There is also a formation of a sleeping woman, a rock formation carved out to look like the side profile of a sleeping woman.

Temple of a massive bird:

Andean Condors are massive birds with their 10-foot wingspan. When you reach the temple of condors at Machu Picchu, you will see its two gigantic rock wings, rocks that are carved into a shape of wings. The open wings signify that the big is about to take off, towards a new beginning or a new day.

House and Rocks shaped like the mountain itself:

Incas were greatly influenced by natural forces. Their deities were natural forces and resources. Throughout the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu, you can see structures that resemble their holy mountain Apus and Wayne Picchu. The 25- foot long sacred rock is hard to miss. This sacred rock resembles the silhouette of a group of important peaks. Some houses are also shaped like mountains, especially like Wayne Picchu.

End talk:

When you will be up there on Wayne Picchu, the picturesque foothill is going to mesmerize you, going to paralyze your every sense. But the journey to the highest point of Wayne Picchu is treacherous. The start is going to be gentle hiking but as you go further up, the path gets steeper. But the higher slopes offer you a wonderful vista of the Machu Picchu. So, keep going. It has so many secrets to reveal. Keep going up to discover those and rediscover yourself.


Days Well Spent Ashore on Santorini

Sailing the Cyclades is a life changing experience and once you’ve cruised these crystal clear waters for the first time, there’s a very good chance you’ll want to revisit the many island treasures again and again. Santorini is exceptionally beautiful with its caldera, fabulous coastline, bays and coves. Sailing along the island’s coast, you get to see its magnificence in all its glory. After spending a few days afloat in the crystal azure waters that surround Thera, there is nothing nicer than to explore the island’s interior and to taste the many flavours and delights that Santorini has to offer.


Santorini has been written about and admired by visiting travellers for centuries. Today, just as in times long past all sorts of boats, yachts and luxury cruisers sail the waters around the island throughout the year and more especially during the hotter summer months of the year because there’s so much to do and see both on land and at sea. Whether you’re a keen scuba diver or looking forward to bathing in the azure waters or to snorkelling in the shallows before relaxing on a beautiful secluded beach, Santorini is one of the most popular sailing destinations in the Med.

The Wonders of Fira

With this said, the island has a tremendous amount to offer an intrepid sailor once they step ashore.  This includes hiking in areas of outstanding beauty where rock formations are literally out of this world. One walk takes you along the trail up to the volcanic crater of Nea Kameni and once at the top, the view of the caldera below is outstanding. It’s easy from this vantage point to see why some people believe that Santorini is in fact, the site of Atlantis, the ancient city that vanished below the waves some 9,500 years ago.

But before venturing further inland, just exploring Santorini’s medieval capital is a superb experience not to be missed being 330m above sea level and offering superb panoramic views of the caldera and surrounding areas. The Venetian Castle is worth exploring just to soak up the magnificence of this ancient site. Another superb walk takes you from Fira to Firostefani and Imerovigli, but for those who like a bit of a challenge, there’s a trail to Oia which takes you past Prophet Elijah’s Church, the gorgeous Chapel of the Cross and the majestic Black Mountain where sunsets are not to be missed.

Discovering Santorini’s Dramatic History

Santorini is steeped in ancient history and mythology which are just two of the reasons why so many sailors point their compasses towards this idyllic island destination making it a much favoured landfall. Akrotiri in particular, is well worth a visit. This Minoan settlement was buried after the cataclysmic eruption that took place in 1600 BC. It is one of the most well-preserved ancient sites in the Med. Other ancient wonders found in Fira include the museum of Prehistoric Thera with its now ultra-famous frescoes of The Monkeys, The Africa and Spring.

Exploring the Old Wineries of Finikia

A visit to the old wineries in the delightful hamlet of Finikia is a must. The houses are all painted the most wonderful colours offering a superb contrast to the backdrop of the azure Aegean Sea. Cobblestone streets take you through this charming hamlet and it’s where you’ll get to savour the local flavours and delicacies of Thera in traditional tavernas. There’s a beautiful large palm tree in the courtyard of St Matrona which is an ideal place to sit for a while, it’s where you get to take in the beauty of the location.

Santorini’s Gastronomical Delights

Santorini’s tavernas serve local produce that boasts a flavour all of its own thanks to the nutrient-rich volcanic soils found on the island. The cherry tomatoes grown on Thera are exceptionally tasty and known the world over for their flavour. Other specialities include dishes made from local delights like white eggplant, fava beans and capers which when combined with the marvellous seafood sourced in the waters around the island, makes Santorini one of the top gastronomical destinations in the Aegean.

Santorini also boasts some very good wines thanks to the nutrient-rich soils with one in particular called Vinsanto being extremely well known and it’s a wine that’s produced in vineyards that boast being over 3,000 years old.

Back on Board

After having spent time ashore visiting some of the many wonders the island of Thera has to offer, climbing back on board your yacht to relax on deck and watch a breathtaking sunset has to be the best ways to finish off a wonderful day in a superb way. That’s the beauty of a Greek island sailing holiday, your holiday home is there waiting for you whether you decide to drop anchor in a pleasant bay, moor up in a traditional fishing harbour or marina.


Attending Major Events by Booking Tickets with Air France

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Euro Cup is a football championship, organised by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). It was held in France from the 10th of June to the 10th of July, 2016. It was the third time that the country received the opportunity to host the tournament after 1960 and 1984. During the event, contested by 24 teams, Air France, the national airline of the host nation, brought out numerous offers like for many other major tournaments in the past.

Information about the Airline

Introduced on 7th October 1933, it was one of the few airlines that were founded before World War II. After the war, it expanded its network and fleet rapidly, and by 1945, it had 130 jetliners. The acquisition of a de Havilland Comet in 1953 marked its transition into the jet age. On 21st January, 1976, the French national airline made history by flying its inaugural Concorde between Paris and Rio. It entered into a partnership with Delta Air Lines in 1999, which would go on to become SkyTeam a year later, and in 2003, it merged with KLM, the flag carrier of The Netherlands.

The headquarters of the air service provider is located in the Roissypôle complex within Charles de Gaulle Airport, which also serves as its major hub. Air France has been the official partner of the Cannes Film Festival since 1980. It has 350 aircraft, including 101 that are operated by its regional subsidiaries. Its fleet includes 10 Airbus A380s, the biggest commercial aircraft in the world. This airline flies to more than 1000 destinations in 177 countries. For frequent flyers, a programme, called Flying Blue, is available to enjoy numerous benefits.

Booking a Ticket to Major Sports Events

Tickets can be booked from the official online portal, or you can choose to visit the airport and purchase it. The mobile application of the carrier can also be used by passengers to buy tickets online. Although, there are so many options available, making reservations through online travel agencies (OTA) like Yatra.com can prove to be more convenient. If you are not sure about your Air France flight status, then you can check the instantaneous arrival and departure timings on the official website to save time. Delayed arrivals or departures are regularly updated on the website for your convenience.

It is possible to book your Air France tickets from numerous destinations as the airline has a vast network. It flies to and from over 25 cities of France, which makes travelling easy for people. You need to specify the date, you wish to travel on, number of accompanying passengers and the preferred cabin. Additional baggage and seat options are available for a comfortable journey to your destination. The loyalty programme, Flying Blue, can be joined by frequent travellers to take advantages of the various deals offered. You can earn miles or credits by flying with this airline and then use them to upgrade your level of membership.

During the Euro Cup 2016, the carrier launched numerous flight deals for the convenience of sports fans. Even when other tournaments are held, it rolls out offers, so the next time the country hosts any major event, you can keep looking for such deals.

3 Reasons to Go to Israel on Vacation this Year

Do you wish to know why it is excellent to spending your holidays with Israel? And why individuals around the world are getting attracted with Israel and the most excellent apartment rental also? The reason is that Israel is great place to visit and see the beauty of the nature.  They found out how excellent the combination of the contemporary sophistication and country’s charm with the city of Tel Aviv.


Explore the Natural Beauty and Modern World in Israel

Israel is such country which is the ideal amalgamation of natural wonders, holiness and culture. They holy place of Israel is very welcoming and inviting. The sandy place, sea beaches and highlands all are very attractive to mesmerize the visitor. This country is must visit to lovers of nature. Israel is one of highly exciting places in the globe. This country is center of three religions Islam, Christianity and Judaism.  Israel is one of highly modern nations in the globe: new technologies, large high tech companies, advanced health institutes, colleges with advanced science researches, and high other institutions.

You have most likely have been exposed to Israel seeing the news on TV. The news generally who violent and wars scenarios, however in reality these are just in quite a few places near the border in addition to it is very peaceful and quiet. The individuals in Israel are known as the happiest individuals in the globe, very friendly and warm.

  1. Visit the Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the capital city of the country. The center of all three religions – you have to visit the west wall, the remainder of the holy place of the Jewish individuals. The churches, the red skullcap that is a sacred place of Muslim individuals and a lot of other sites such as Knesset (the Administrational place of Israel) the old regions and a lot of other places also.

  1. The Dead Sea

The lower site in the globe, individuals are coming to view the place from all over the globe. The special ocean aids to cure illnesses and its special dirt is a cure for skin.

  1. Tel Aviv

It is known the city that is never sleep. The city is alive all nights and days. The night pubs are opened round the clock and the real party time begins around 1:00 am. The area is place in the middle of the country and has the largest population in Israel.

You can spend your holiday moments by sitting in seashores of Tel Aviv. You have not to panic about it as most of the hotels provided by apartment rental are just cost you nearly 10 to 15 minutes walk ahead of these seashores. In addition to because bodies of these are plentiful in the site, experiencing one would not be very expensive and that alone could be excellent for you and for your financial limit as well. Find Flights To Tel Aviv  hotel deals on the internet where you can compare the prices as well.



Why Egypt is Such an Interesting Place to Visit

So many of the holidays and trips people tend to go on these days offer a beach and a hotel but little else. Many adventurous people are looking for something more interesting, and the answer for many of those people could well be Egypt. This fascinating country offers a huge amount of amazing hotels and places to visit, and some glorious beaches, restaurants and more. Egypt luxury vacation is the holiday a lifetime for many people, and with good reason.

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Besides the modern facilities that are offer, beautiful scenery and palatial buildings such as the Hotel Ghalib, the country is absolutely steeped in history, and you probably don’t need me to tell you about the rich and wonderful tales from ancient Egypt, many of the monuments and some of the architecture from the time still exists, meaning there is arguably more to see in Egypt than in most of the rest of the world. This fascinating center for trade and hub of religion and architecture offers many sights to truly take your breath away.

Many of the hotels and activities in Egypt are aimed at the luxury market, and you can truly live like kings and queens on the vacation you no doubt deserve. Exchange rates from some countries can also be in your favor and mean you can live even more lavishly. Egypt will stun you over and over again and a simple flick through an ancient history book or Instagram photos will leave you excited to visit this cultural hub.

Anything but plain sailing: cruise innovations for 2016 and beyond

You’d think that with a limited amount of space, there’d be a finite amount of new ways that cruise ships can continue to offer inspiring options for passengers. This isn’t necessarily the case though, with 2016 already being a year of exciting developments across the globe, and there are some fabulous innovations out there.


Image Credit

Spa Suites Par for the Course

It’s not uncommon for cruise ships to offer spa facilities, but it’s less standard to see a liner offer spa facilities as part of their more luxurious suites. This is set to change this year though, with a number of liners now including spa suites in their offerings, alongside other luxury perks.

Luxury Yachts Making a Splash

Though yachts have less capacity, they more than make up for it in wow factor, if some of the facilities are to be believed. From sumptuous suites to expansive lounge areas, newer yachts are truly underlining what it means to offer a first-class experience for ocean-going holidaymakers.

Itineraries Fit for a King

Setting foot on shore is part and parcel of most cruises, but the game has been upped recently, with more extravagant stops and increased frequency of overnight visits to a range of locations. This is making cruises a lot more attractive to travellers wanting to pack in as many places as possible. Everybody loves to satisfy the explorer within, a well-known fact with travellers on Galapagos cruises!

Discovery Cruises

Another innovation seen on yacht-sized liners is the inclusion of facilities that allow for deep-sea exploring. From diving equipment to submarines for a fully immersive oceanic experience, this is an exciting new way to look at a holiday on the high seas. To make the most of your travels, be sure to speak to an agent, such as Steppes travel for Galapagos cruises, for the most up-to-date and exciting developments in discovery travel.

Upping the Upper Class Feel

One reason why cruises are so popular is that they appeal to a wide range of travellers, while offering a sense of upper class luxury. This is a theme that will certainly grow, with seven-course feasts and butler services among the new forays into culinary excellence.

We definitely can’t wait to see what else will emerge this year, as cruise liners push the boundaries of what is possible at sea.

Social media agency Toronto services ensure easy business

There are many channels in market which prove extremely helpful to reach a large number of potential customers. Out of them, you can use any of choice without any restriction. But, experts always opine to go for the best one to make most of the investment. Otherwise, you will face different kinds of blues to reconcile with a difficult situation. On the other hand, credible assistance of reliable social media agency must help you to scale the new heights of success in the business world while remaining safe and secured against different kinds of hassles. Perfectionists do not need to pass through the strenuous efforts to contact the representatives of the market leader as social media agency Toronto provides easy reach to everybody.

Just give some minutes on internet while following some easy commands to procure the detailed contact information. This new age service proves best in class as it does not compel you to come out of office or home for a single second. Everything can be done in a highly convenient manner while focusing on significant tasks or enjoying golden time with dears. Never snub its efficacy for any alternative solution because facility like this is almost impossible to witness with anybody else. Obviously, you are supposed to make immediate action because timely decision ensure commendable results to leave the counter parts behind.

Always use proven technologies

It is important for you to know that benefits of this latest amenity is not easy to enjoy because it requires special skill set to improve the ranking in digital world. So, never try self efforts to save on hiring cost. This excellent service provider in Toronto always uses proven technologies to escape you against any kind of penalty.

Make best use of updates

High expertise of media agency always keeps eagle eye watch on every update of internet world. So that, best use of updates can be made to give you more promising results. Never doubt this professionalism on any ground as it has successfully delivered promised results to thousands of people.

Promised result at affordable price

All digital agencies in Toronto are committed and dedicated to help everybody with the uniform standards while making best use of technologies and latest equipments. In pursuit of this goal, they have kept price as reasonable as possible. Due to this customer-friendly feature, every customer with limited budget can experience their world-class assistance while remaining safe against financial crisis.